COVID UPDATE 12/12/21:
Cranio Nelson will not discriminate based on personal medical choice.  Regretfully this means we are unable to operate as a close-contact business under current ('orange light') government restrictions.  Non-contact and online consultations are still available - please contact by phone or email to find out more.

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biodynamic craniosacral therapy
nelson, new zealand
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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST or 'cranio' for short) is a subtle yet powerful therapy for awakening your full health potential.  With origins in osteopathy, cranio is founded on thorough anatomical understanding. As a holistic therapy, it moves beyond physical structures, employing deep listening to tune into the subtle interplay of body, mind, environment, and the essential forces of life itself.

The term 'biodynamic' means our focus as practitioners is on connecting with the body's innate wisdom for well-being. With gentle hand holds, we lead your system into a place of deep stillness where you can rediscover the very same organising intelligence that grew you from embryo to fetus to child to adult.


As well as being a great remedy for every-day stress, cranio can support recovery from many and varied types of injury and illness, both acute and chronic.  If you would like to know how cranio could benefit you, drop us a line or book in for an initial consultation using the links below.